Friday, 30 April 2010

Sugar Rush... Cinnamon Bagel Doughnut!

Everybody needs a breakfast like this, once in a while....?
Now, i admit - i haven't posted much on our glorious food blog of late and i apologise.
I am on a small-ish diet (although you wouldn't know it from this) and i have huge plans to tell you about the yummy recipes i've been trying.
THIS was a treat for my Girl and Me, who needed a sugar rush for a late Brunch.
Chop the bagels in half.
Whisk up 2 eggs with some milk - soak the bagels in the eggy mix for about 5 mins each side.
Fry them up in a bit of butter.
When they are gently cooked on both sides - pop them on a plate that is covered in sugar and cinnamon (add what you like really)

Sugar, Cinnamon, comfort rush - ahhhh, the joy - accompanied with a large pot of tea!
You can do the above with eggs and cheese to have an eggy cheesy bagel doughnut - just OMIT the sugar stage!!
*note to self* share my new recipes for Sweet Potato Pancakes & Potato-less Fish Cakes.
.....somebody peel me off the wall, iam ZINGING!


Musings Of A Gem said...

I love cinnamon so this is definitely on my "To Do" list!

Thanks for sharing!

Gemma x

PaperFish! said...

thankU for eating with me !!

clarabelle said...

They look YUM... must try soon


Rob said...

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