Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cheese Fondue Express... a quick kitchen Supper

Family Food / Social Food / Food for you and a friend / Food for you and a lover.... Cheese Fondue ticks every box.
I kid you not - i opened the fridge for dinner last week and there was very little in there to excite. 3 open bottles of White Wine in various degrees of 'full-ness' and varied quality.
There was a block of Cornish Brie, some hardening Edam and a bunch of celery. Even the breadrolls in the basket were only fit for toasting. Then my memory taste-buds kicked into action.... i had the makings there of a terrific CHEESE FONDUE and even a glass of good White to accompany it! happy :)
Boil up all the cheese and a good sloshing of wine (or cider) in a heavy bottomed pan and add a garlic clove for flavour.
To thicken it, i slaked some Cornflour in some wine and chucked that into the pan a few minutes before it was ready.
I can't really give quantities as i did it by sense of feel and memory, but if you've had Fondue before, you know what it is supposed to look and feel like.

I don't bother to use the real Fondue Dish but keep it in the hot pan over a couple of small candles / nightlites. Then, if it begins to go cold, you can whip it back over to the stove top for a few minutes to heat up again.

To dip??? Anything goes! we had toms, fresh from our own plant. We had stale rolls that were toasted and a few sticks of wilting celery and cucumber. JOY my friends.
A real stand by supper for us... i confess that Cheese, White Wine and Stale bread are ALL readily available in my kitchen.
I'm no Nigella, with an ever ending 'larder' but i rival her in the Kitchen Supper stakes i'm sure x


Petit Filoux said...

I'm with you on that one - absolutely love cheese fondue!! and even better when you whip it up with leftovers!

That Crafty Fish! said...

mmmm, cheese :) i swear the size of bottom doubled after that meal! but, mmmmm cheese x

SallyF said...

um, what does 'boil up all the cheese' mean? *sorry for stupid question* is it like you just melt it or is it more complicated...