Tuesday, 13 October 2009


You have to say it with an American accent "Granola".... I don't think we have an equivalent name for it in the UK? it isn't muesli, because muesli is loose and not toasted. So we must call it Granola!?
I am not going to repeat this recipe verbatim as it is in NIGELLAS CHRISTMAS book and it doesn't seem necessary as i didn't alter it much from there. Also because, granola really is just toasted seeds, nuts, oats and spices so you can add what you like.
Mine is a few 100g rolled oats with blanched almond / normal almonds / banana chips = but i put all these in a plastic bag and smashed them all into tiny pieces as i don't like BIG bits in my cereals.
Then i mixed the oats with this smashed mixture in a big bowl with a spoon of sunflower oil + 2 large spoons of honey + tiny sprinkle of cinnamon + couple of spoons brown suger + poppy seeds + pumpkin seed. I turned it all and mixed it wearing plastic gloves and gave gloves to my daughter and her friend too so we all had a good 'hands on', gooey experience.
It was toasted for about 50mins on a low heat in a large oven tray - turning every 10 mins till it was brown and toasted all over.

When it came out the oven, i added a really generous bag of dried of cranberries and mixed well.
Popped it all in a clean Kilner jar and closed it when cooled.
OH my - what a shame. Now no other breakfast cereal will do!! This made a huge jar but i keep dipping my hand in and stealing little treats like a squirrel. THIS will become a staple in my home from this day forward x


LissyLou said...

Theres an award for both of you on my blog.....and a giveaway!! xx

Two Truly Scrumptious Ladies said...

Lissy you're lovely!! 'Lovely Lissy'! Thankyou! its wonderful to receive an award! x

Petit Filoux said...

That sounds so nice... could make a really nice jar and it would make a nice little xmas present wouldn't it? Must try it this weekend!!

magsmcc said...

Loving it! And my favourite word- Christmas! So glad to discover so many bloggers already in the preparative throes! Muchly inspirational- I just need to get pumpkin celebrations fully culminated first!