Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Gingerbread Tradition!

This is, in my opinion, The Best Gingerbread Recipe!That is, it is the best, if you:a) have children, it is so simple to make and all the stages are possible for little handsb) you don't like working with sticky, troublesome doughs (which many I have tried have been!)
c) your impatient like me and can't be doing with waiting for dough to firm up overnight...I want to play NOW!
d) you want to make Christmas tree decs...this dough is pliable, rolls thinly and holds its shape well as you pass it over to the baking tray! When baked it seems to stay harder and not go soft and fall off the string (again this is experience talking....I don't know the science-y bit as to why)
I make this every December with my little B's, the afternoon after the tree arrives....oooooooooh the excitement! It smells lovely, cooks to a beautiful colour, it is a joy to make with little hands and I have presumptuous faith that it will become a Christmas tradition in your household too!INGREDIENTS
350g / 12oz plain flour

175g / 6oz light soft brown sugar

100g / 4oz butter

1 medium egg

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

½ teaspoon of ground ginger

Put the flour, butter, ground ginger and bicarbonate of soda in a mixing bowl. Mix it all together with fingertips until crumbly. Add sugar, syrup and egg and mix until it forms a firm pastry mix.

I place in fridge wrapped in clingfilm, for about half an hour, but it is not absolutely necessary! Roll out on a well floured surface! Have fun! Men, women and children, houses, hearts, horses, we have had ducks, trucks, trees and trains!

PLace on a baking tray in bake for 15 minutes in a 180 C oven!
Have fun decorating too, with icing, hundreds and thousands, chocolate buttons, edible glitter, silver balls, you name it! Start your own Gingerbread traditions!



That Crafty Fish! said...

Am SO making these this week xxxxx

That Crafty Fish! said...

Is that a loaf in the middle of the tray??

Mrs B said...

yes!!! why? did you think it was some scary gingerbread moutain?? it is soda bread x

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you! :D def. going to make these soon :)

Mrs B said...

have fun!! They are every bit as fab as I say!! Try to eat as many as poss, before little hands find them!! x

Jennifer Rose said...

made these on the weekend, they were great thank you :) and almost all gone lol