Thursday, 26 November 2009

Time to Ice THE cake??

Is it? Is it? Is it?
It has been sitting in the tin for about 5 weeks now.
Fruit steepd for hours in alcohol at the pre-cooking stage...
All families have there own secret recipes so i won't 'share' mine with you, unless you beg. Molasses! i have weird memories of this blackest, gloopiest, strangest of treacle-like substances. I like my cake to have a real heaviness to it - density! - blackness.
Lots of fruit. Definately no nuts in this cake for me. NO glace cherries (sorry, they are a pet hate of mine but i don't want to cause Glace lovers any offence)

Slowly, i have added Amaretto to the well wrapped Cake, sat in it's tin, waiting patiently...
I am not a great Amaretto fan (what am i saying? not at all 'a fan' in fact) but all the girls in my family love it so i thought i'd give it a try.

SO..... Is it time to Ice the Christmas Cake yet? Is it? Is it? Is it? A

Advent starts next week........ !!!! :)


Mrs B said...

yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! great post! The Christmas hooooooose can come back out! I want a slice of that cake! x

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

I don't like fruity cakes at all but you made yours sound so deliciously edible and scrummy. Maybe it's the thought of ammareti, which I love. Thanks for sharing Christmas cheer and have a great weekend!

That Crafty Fish! said...

I love fruit cake - but so treacle-y it tastes like chocolate!

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Is there a good recipe you think would convert me?

Ali X