Monday, 25 January 2010

Food for Living...

Don't mistake me... i love pretty things & pretty food. I love fabric Jam Tops and dainty labels with all the "use by" dates. I like a tea party and i like to use Cake Forks and silver Chutney Spoons... (i like a pretty red bowl, sshhhh) But food is about life and living and sustenance.
Like i said, my Nanna needs a bit of 'life' right now, so:
Marmalade with GIANT WRITING so she can read the label with her poor eyesight.
LEMON CHEESE also with giant writing... and i call this Lemon Curd. It is a debate we have had for some years, my Nanna and I. But she is in her 90's now and i can give in gracefully to this one. Lemon CHEESE it is.
And.... a crunchy top Lemon Drizzle cake - also Nanna's favourite.

That's the funny thing about being poorly.... when you are healthy and well (and elderly...) people are inclined to visit you less often. And as soon as you are poorly and tired and maybe ready to 'shuffle off the mortal coil'.... everybody comes a calling!
So, in true Postman Pat style "special delivery service", the delightfully smiley ChildFish and I, are off to spread cookery joy where it is currently most needed.
x x x "Here's to the many many mothers who gone before us, making pots of Lemon Cheese by the barrel load" x x x


Menopausal musing said...

Your Nanna will have loved your lovely presents of food. Was interested to read the comment from Jim in the preceding post (re star anise.....) think that might be a thing to try here, we love the stuff!

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Good for you! I'm sure with each bite your Nanna will be reminded of the love her Grandaughter and Great-grandaughter have for her!

Mrs B said...

xxxxlovely fishxxxxxx

magsmcc said...

Well, good evening, ladies. apparently Blogging Mores dictate that I pass on my Sunshine Award to those who spread sunshine- so here you go! Highly appropriate with all this yellow, lemon fruitiness abounding! Get well soon, Nanna. All discussion on the right visiting of older relatives welcome here.

Taz said...

I bet she just loved seeing you and will savour every morsel of the things you've made her.