Monday, 4 January 2010

My Secret Weapon!

This is amazing stuff on its own (berocca), but I add a splash of something so potent, it fills me with verve, energy, vitality and enough getup and go, to get up and keep going after two small people, 24/7!

If like me, you are one of the many women in this country who is not getting enough iron and may even be anaemic, the revelation that is SpaTone (available from Boots, pharmacies, supermarkets etc) will change your life! Something so simple yet so effective!

Take one sachet of Spatone (iron rich water) slosh it in a glass, add a Berocca (mega multivits and importantly vit C which is what helps your body absorb iron) and top up with water!

There we have it a zingy, energy giving breakfast cocktail!



meplusmolly said...

Am off to the shops tomorrow to get the ingredients to this wonderous cocktail m'lady! ;0 X

Devon said...

very cleaver, cooking in cast iron pan also helps with the old iron!

Mrs B said...

kirsty you do right, it is greeeeeeeaaaaaat stuff!! And completely legal! With no social stigma attached!

Devon I have never heard that, but it would make sense!


PaperFish! said...

i am taking my spatone but it looks like i might need that extra tablet...

Mrs B said...

Good Fish!! You know it makes sense! x