Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I Heart a Vintage Breakfast....x

You may have seen this or not on the omnipotent Mr Jamie Oliver's Family Christmas programme. It is genius simple! J. Oliver's children made them and so did mine. This is the way that pancakes should be made, with no faffing, mess, whipping of egg whites etc etc! You should be able to make them practically still asleep; with a Christmas "head"; with a kitchen full of folk or simply before heading out for a much dread post "Roses" run!(eeeeeewgh!)

Grab yourself a mug/ large cup (of any dimensions). Use it to scoop up a mugful of Self Raising Flour, dump it in your new fabby Christmas pancake jug (......big thankyou's B juniors!) or bowl! Add a pinch of salt and a tsp of baking powder. Pour milk into your mug now, in it goes and one egg. Using a whisk, whip up all your ingredients, till you have a smooth batter.

You are good to go! Grab a reliable frying pan, crank up the heat, melt a knob of butter in pan and pour in about a tbs of batter. Let it cook until bubbles appear in the surface and a slice slides underneath easily. Flip it! Yipee watch it rise up! Lovely fat pancakes! (please bear in mind the first pancake is always, always a disaster....unless perhaps you are Mr Oliver?!) Keep a plate in a warm oven to pop them onto while you cook the rest of the batch!

Serve up with fruit, honey, greek yoghurt, jam, butter....whatever looks pretty and takes your fancy! And a good pot of hot, fresh coffee (in delicious teeny tiny 1950's red, red cups on a gingham table a vintage breakfast table, everything looks homey and warm on gingham!)


cupcakesandbiscuits said...

We are so having pancakes tomorrow, been putting them off for weeks it feels. My eldest makes them almost on his own now. Last time he had his first "aah, that's why you don't touch the handle of the ancient griddle!" burn. Missed the Jamie episode and will bung the ingredients in the blender like usual.
Loving the hearty jug!!

Mrs B said...

Ali....tell me what do you put in yours??? How was your Chrimble time?! How fabby is the jug!! x

nickynackynoo said...

Aah, lovely! Our standard Sunday breakfast. We do ours with blueberries in them, or failing that, a handful of this summer's blackcurrants from the freezer. And bacon on the side. Yum!

Mrs B said...

that sounds lovely nicky!! tell me whats in yours!! I am really interested in everyones different recipes, quirks, pinches, touches!! x

That Crafty Fish! said...

p.s we had pancakes and bluberries for xmas day breakfast! we use Nigellas American Pancake recipe.

That Crafty Fish! said...

i had lemon on mine and maple syrup - no real magic ingredient.

That Crafty Fish! said...

.....nice jugs MrsB, uummmm - juG.

cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Mrs B,
Had to put off the pancakes till tomorrow as we had to food shop early doors for New Years Steak Pie Dinner tomorrow. Early doors was, as it turns out, a VERY good idea as it's snowing (AGAIN!!)and it's sooo cold. My brother-in-law is coming from Australia with his boys in a week and we want them to enjoys the snow, in the face if I get my way.
Christmas has been fun, I've been knitting mostly -post on my blog soon me hopes- with breaks of Lego game playing and building and I may be getting sick of chocolate which isn't good. I have a huge Sleekster from Hotel Chocolate (lucky me, I know) that I want to luxuriate over.
As a family we love our pancakes with golden syrup (I am a little obsessed with golden syrup, hence tomorrows steamed pudding) for breakfast plus vanilla ice cream for pudding, from Nigella Bites. I try different recipes but always end up back at that one. We also cook them on a griddle that belonged to Hubby's great granny which has a dial on it to let you know when it's HOT and it's lovely to cook with.
All our love and best wishes for 2010. Have a good Hogmany!
p.s Two things, as a child I thought it was 'hug-many' as that's what everyone did at the Bells. Also, I am actually related to the (Andy) Stewart who always sang Donald Where's Your Troosers? on the TV Hogmany shows. Remember those? Thought that might tickle you!

Suzie said...

I LOVE your heart jug - gorgeous!!! :)