Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cauliflower Cheese....

I love the stuff. I love cauliflower in cheese sauce.
Now, we never said this blog would be filled with complicated and impressive dishes.... good, homely cooking - seasonal products - family dishes.... I bloomin' L O V E "Cauliflower Cheese". When i was pregnant i loved it that 'little bit more' (in the way only a pregnant woman can) and do you know, there was actually a National Cauliflower Shortage in a few weeks when i was pregnant - i KID you not! What are the chances? Poor ManFish driving from Supermarket to super-supermarket...!
Anyways, thank the heavens that my Mother taught me how to make a White Sauce at such an early age. A true Winter staple. If i haven't eaten it for a while, i crave it all the more.
A cauliflower, bolied quite well (i always put stock in my water when i boil it)
Covered in cheesy white sauce (with a generous dash of mustard)
Add what else you like: Sauted onions? capers? Halved baby toms? it is up to you.
I popped this in the oven for a good 40 mins whilst we got the Christmas Tree ready.
Served with a small loaf of home-baked fresh, seeded bread.


Mrs B said...

nooooooooooooooooo way!!!! me too!!! I ate sooooooo much when I was pregnant with Master B! what is that all about?

beautiful photos, warm and homey.....x

Devon said...

i also ate a lot of cauliflower cheese while pregnant. usually over a baked potato. it was one of the few things that stayed down. im craving it again now going to have to go and make some. yum yum xx

LissyLou said...

i love cauliflower cheese! so yummy!

Deepa said...

I love a bit of cauli cheese! Mainly the cheese bit. Not sure about the tomato addition, hmmm, I like bacon in there - naughty!

Saw a recipe today with a little smoked paprika on top - good idea.

That Crafty Fish! said...

smoked paprika mmmmmm!
Bacon, - sounds good but i am a veggie. I am sure that would taste great. My daughter is a tomato fiend so they are in there for her really :)
Weird about the Cauli craving huh!?