Thursday, 23 July 2009

Nurture with Nourishment!

Food: Nourishment eaten in solid form

Isn't the word nourish moreish! Nourishment, for the body primarily. But I eat for the nourishment of my soul, my imagination and (not always advisedly) my emotions. It is so vital for a life lived well! Making us whole, calm, energised, loved that I would like to start my first post with dispelling a dangerous myth...

There is no one food that makes a person fat!

Food should be enjoyed, savoured, eaten till we are content and calmed.

So then, there will be plenty of cupcakes, peanut millionaires shortbread, greek yoghurt, cherry biscotti, jam, jelly and all things sweet to come!

However equally and indeed more so, there will be warm, fresh from the garden cherry tomatoes (a veg sweetie!!), cinnamon scented roast autumn squash,
couscous bejewelled with pomegranate seeds, fat Tuscan Bean soups
with a thick slice of warm, wholemeal soda bread slathered with good, yellow butter....X
Good whole food,
cooked by your own hands (not glove-covered ones in a factory somewhere!)
followed by a wee "sweetie" hurts no man (woman or child)!
Indeed, I promise, you will smile more from a daily sweetness after a meal, look gorgeous and be no fatter in a years time!
Nourish yourself....put good things into you and yours! (homemade popcorn sprinkled with icing of my Australian sister in laws childhood treats!) moreish!

Love MrsB x


Pomona said...

Yum, yum, yum! The sweeter the better!

Pomona x

meplusmolly said...

I am hungry.............. ;0 I need nourishing............;0 Xxxx

Two Truly Scrumptious Ladies said...

right, what do you fancy, my lovely? grilled halloumi, roast veg and couscous for dinner! see you at 8? x