Thursday, 23 July 2009

The First of the Five Major Food Groups...

I feel it only proper to start my contribution to this food blog, by demonstrating the very first and very important of the five major food groups, essential for living... I couldn't possibly begin dinner tonight without Mummy's 'Little Helper' - the Gin bottle.
"Sloe Gin" yum yum - not even made by me, but my fantasy lover 'Gordon' (more about him at a later date).
Gin + Tonic + Garden Mint + Lemon + Lime + Ice = happy me :)

The Other 4 major food groups you ask?
- alcohol (as shown)
- chocolate (of course)
- cake (the food of gods)
- lemons (to prevent scurvy, obviously)
- and water (to prevent dying)

Cheers Darlinks x A toast to you all.
P.s. I do genuinely want a good recipe for SLOE GIN - anyone point me in the direction of a tried and tested method?


Two Truly Scrumptious Ladies said...

hee hee, I had wine while feeding children dinner! oh dear are we on a slippery slope! x

Menopausal musing said...

Now you ARE cooking!!!! We have a wonderful recipe here.... Nothing to do with me, I merely "road test" the stuff, terrible job, but someone has to do it . . . I shall have to hand you over to "his nibs".... BUT, I can recommend you decant the said Sloe Gin into an old bottle that has had ouzo in it. It comes out later with a slight taste of aniseed and is absolutely beeping fan beeping tastic. He did it by accident one year and boy, does it work!x Oh, and its PRETTY!

Rhiannon said...

Hurrah for gin!
I mentioned to the lovely about Cake being a food group earlier. He just looked on bemused.....

As for a Sloe Gin recipe, my parents have a reliable one that we use every year, though I'm b***ered if I can remember it. Should I request it from my Dad's memory?


Pomona said...

A present for you:

Wash sloes, prick all over with a needle. Half-fill bottle with sloes, sprinkle over 4oz sugar and add 5-6 blanched almonds (chopped). Fill bottle with gin. Store for 3 months - strain through muslin and rebottle. NB drink from small glasses on cold nights and raise a toast to me - be warned - it's quite strong!

Pomona x

That Crafty Fish! said...

Pomona - you're the lady!!
Rhiannon - i totally believe in collecting many recipes and finding ones own inbetween them all! x

MelMel said...

My mouth is watering...maybe napkind ought to be provided for use when reading this blog...LOL!


Crafty Koala said...

Sloe Gin - Yum! Rhiannon's recipe sounds about right, although I've never added the almonds and always just heap in as much sugar as the sloes and gin will allow. Don't forget to shake and turn the bottles for the first week though, as it helps the sugar disolve and makes for better gin. :-D xx