Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Talk and Tea...x

Ms Fish
: What we need MrsB, is a separate blog where we can talk about our food and our cooking and growing veg and stuff. I am starting a notebook which is called My Culinary Year, where i can make notes on my veg growing and pickles / chutneys in preparation for Christmas. It would be great to share that on a blog with people who also love food....what say you?

MrsB: I am liking the sounds of that very much. A cup of tea me thinks! I'll be mum....

last cup of the pot for you!
jam shortbread??
Tell me your thoughts.

Ms Fish: I just love getting great recipes from people. I get really inspired when i see all your pretty photos of food on fantastic thrifted crockery. I made Biscotti inspired by you and now I am known locally for my Biscotti... food is a great way to share friendship and companionship. I also have a healthy obsession for collecting, reading and writing in Cookery Books. I happen to know you feel the same as me about these things.
When the rain is throwing buckets outside my window, there are only two things i long to do. Either sit in solitude at the sewing machine listening to the Radio OR stand at the stove boiling up vats of Jams and Chutneys...

: I wholeheartedly agree!
I love to cook, a creative act in itself, even toast! Especially if you can dollop on homemade jam! And it is one of the best ways I can think of to revel in friendship, family, a hot date (!!) a day to celebrate! I love to feed people!
It wasn't always that way, you know? I used to find the idea of cooking for other folk, quite stressful! When my first baby was weaning I would gladly have paid a small fortune to someone, just for an hour to work out what to feed him! But you know, slowly, slowly you feel your way, finding things you all love to eat (you're going to love the B household's "Pizza Night" as much as we do....and there is always a glass of cheer!)
shopping lists become something fun to write, farmers markets are discovered...and before you know it you are a fully fledged foodie, with a family who will actually eat your cooking! I do hope to share some of this with some new mums out there and make the process of becoming 'head chef' to a new family something less frightening and more a matter of pride!

Ms.Fish: New Daddies too, MrsB. Loads of men love to cook and almost all men love to eat!
I love the social aspect of food and you produce some of the prettiest and most loving of dinner tables lady.
However my stomach is also lead by other issues:
1. My desire to eat locally produced food.
2. My bouycott of the industry bully that is TESCO.
3. My want for healthy food that does good things to me and my family.
4. My excitement at learning to use natures food - either growing along the canal path or by ME in my tiny garden.
5. Saving the environment one less piece of PACKAGING at a time!!
... see, we have so much to talk about between us with regards to the beautiful food we produce!

MrsB: Its going to take a year! Especially if I am to become green fingered! Cast a sympathetic eye over these sorry specimens....
Where am I going wrong Ms. Fish? Would you like another cup? Go on one more shortbread!

I am very excited about the idea of the full year ahead of us! Just think what that includes! Birthdays, Christmas,

...many Sunday Roasts, harvests, autumn berries and apples, spring asparagus and the lists go on! Cheers!

Good Health, Good Food, Good Times!


nickynackynoo said...

Ooh my 2 favourite blogging ladies together talking about food - does it get any better! Can't wait for all your lovely posts, ladies. Right, off to finish making cherry ice cream...

The Rainbow Room said...

Oh I LOVE it!!!!.... you two are hilarious : )

Mrs B said...

hellllllllo lovely ladies! you're very fast! Its great to see you here!! We're having so much fun x

MelMel said...

This is fantastic!
I feelilike I'm sat in the sitting room/at the kitchen table with you both...brill, I'll be coming back for more and adding you to my sidebar...cheers...!xx

Steph said...

right, enough talk about biscotti. recipe please!! :D

Crafty Koala said...

I'm twirling with joy. I can't wait for the recipe's and more importantly the pictures for me to drewal (sic!) over. I think I've spent to many years at weight watchers :-D xx

Mrs B said...

no calories in these here pictures, I promise!! x

Menopausal musing said...

WELL DONE YOU TWO!!!! raising a (large) glass to you both .......(any excuse!!!). You two are so good together and such fun. :O) x

megan said...

hurrah! someone put the kettle on. Or open the vino!

debsmuddle said...

Straight on my list of favourite blogs.

Anonymous said...

what fun and a super idea - can't wait to see how this develops! nice to meet you mrsb :) *bundles on the fish* xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo cool new blog love it already :-)
will be popping by lots!
lesley x

meplusmolly said...

Hoorah you re-set up the comment box! I can now leave a comment, almost cried in sheer frustration before when I couldn't :( but now I see I can, yay! ;0 XXxxx

Devon said...

so cute and lovely! can't wait to see all your lovely idea and photos and new recipes! yumyumyumy! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee oh so excited now!!!!

lusummers said...

ohh, i love it - you had me at 'boycotting the industry bully that is TESCO' xxx huzzah for waitrose and locally grown food

Rhiannon said...

So excited. Really really excited.

I think that is the best word for how I feel right now

(That, and envious of big piles of cookbooks that can be easily got at!)

Good luck to both you lovely ladies

maggie said...

wow you two you make me want to stop painting and start cooking! Had lemon ice cream brulee yesterday at windmill, now there is a challenge for you....it was amazing! x