Friday, 18 September 2009

Memories are Made of This...x

This isn't a recipe at is simply the sharing of a lovely thing and a bit of a nosey at what you all do?!

This, to my mind is simply the best way to eat an egg.
I haven't once made it for my children, without the other adults in the room wanting one too. 'It makes a boiled egg more of a meal, somehow' (M-i-L 2009)!
I started to make this, after years of not doing so, for my children. I got to thinking, it is one of those things you eat that is meaningful. It suddenly brings back a feeling, a warmth, a memory. It is a little bit of caring, nurture from the past, indeed it seems forever connected with the woman (in my case) who made it for you. And it would seem I am not the only one. Even the menfolk of the clan, go a little misty eyed over the idea....'oh I love an egg like that'!

So here is my little B enjoying her bit of cooking tradition, her little bit of love in a Nanna, my Mum made it for me, I make it for my children....will they make it for theirs?
Do you have a food like this? One you return to when in need of comfort, when poorly, or down to the last £10 with a week to go till payday! Tomato soup (from the can!) with crusty bread (you know who you are!), cheese on toast, roast chicken....? Who was the lovely person who made it for you?



Suzanne said...

As the tomato soup girl in question I would like to thank you for this post. I love the food of my childhood. The best bit about those days (apart from the swimming beforehand) was biting the end of the french bread on the way home, always getting told off for doing so but always being left in charge of the bread so knowing, in that way that daughters do with their dads, that he didn't really mean the telling off and I was absolutely free to bite the end of the bread as desired. Thanks Dad X

Menopausal musing said...

I feel honoured to relive "birthday tea" where I work. (There are five "children"..... well, four teenagers and my charge). "Hormone City", but on birthdays (mine included) I am idulged with eggie sandwiches, Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers and Iced Ring Biscuits..........H.E.A.V.E.N! x

seaside grannie said...

Funny story? as a childrens nurse some 30 years agowe always made afternoon tea for everyone it included 'butties', biscuits, juice and ice cream. 'Butties' would be egg or jam. New nurse on ward given task of 'butty' maker and asked 'What kind?' egg and jam I replied and little innocent made 'butties' with egg and jam, togther. Strange thing some children loved them and maybe even now some grannie somewhere making them for her litle ones. (not BBS) xx

Martha said...

Have a lot of food memories and I indulge myself often -- love boiled eggs and we always ate them from a regular cup as well -- no fancy egg cups for us!

SallyF said...

awww me and dude have coddled egg for lunch once every weekend. He loves it, so do I. And when anyone has a cold it's what we all crave. mmmmmm yum.

Rhiannon said...

Marmite toast. Whenever someone in this house feels ill for whatever reason, marmite toast is the meal of the moment!
The other comfort food is pasta covered with mountains of cheese. This is one I make for myself and stems from the numerous times since I moved out from home when there has been nearly nothing else in the cupboard that I've wanted to eat!

Rhiannon said...

(also, what's the secret of the egg?)

Pomona said...

I think that little smile says 'yes'!

Pomona x

Mrs B said...

it is just smashed egg, in a lovely cup (this is obligatory!), with a dollop of butter! If I am making it for me, then a I add a tiny sprinkle of salt.....mmmmmmmm salt and egg, such a perfect thing! x

v word is it! I want to be a rock ma!


Gherkin said...

MMmmmmm! My Mum used to make "egg-in-a-cup" like this for me too but she'd rip up a piece of bread and butter into bits and smoosh it up with the egg too. Dee-lish! Thanks for reminding me about this recipe - my boys would love it!

SallyF said...

Funny how it has to be in a cup isn't it? in our house it has to be in one of daddy's extra special super big mugs. And grandma (who set the tradition when I was teeny, and who herself got it from her dad from when she was teeny) told us if we cook boil the egg slightly less than is the norm for soft boiled so it's more runny than usual, it makes the whole thing really soft and even more comforting. 6.5 mins is bang on for our cooker. I have to have salt in mine too. The only 2 things I have salt on - egg, and chips.