Tuesday, 22 September 2009

With Grape power comes Grape responsibility....

Not a cordial - but a straight up juice!
Inspired by a lady i saw over on the "Flickr" photo sharing site. She had made the most delicious looking Grape Juice so i was overcome with need to drink it. The SmallFish and i had the beginnings of the dreaded 'cold virus' so what better way to blitz those evil poorlies than by whizzing fruit?

We popped into our juicer:
a huge bag of the blackest grapes we could find.
one whole lime - sliced, peel left on.
100ml of organic apple juice
We then watered it down a touch as juice can be pretty powerful. We popped ice-cubes in too... extra delicious.

We do have a posh juicing machine - bought in the days when i had a *proper* job and there was no smallfish to play with. It is one of those items that i feel has been a great purchase (i love kitchen gadgets)
i use it sporadically but when i do, i am so happy with the results - it was well worth the pennies. It is also awful to get clean afterward! But i am the sort of person who loves to make life difficult.
p.s smallfish DID get the dreaded bugs - i managed to hop sideways and just get a sniffle.


Mrs B said...

that looks just the tonic.........am exhoosted, to my very bones x

right, grapes it is! do you think it will work as well with your bog standard hand blender?!

That Crafty Fish! said...

joy x put the spatone water in too... i think it needs a juicer though? i can bring the juicer in October..? bit late then.

Mrs B said...

yeah I may have just ground to a halt and been driven away on one of those car transporters!! x