Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Brambley Hedge Jam...

Forgive us for posting 2 jam recipes... it is a joint blog and we love to share :)
This is my own recipe for "Brambley Hedge Jam" and made with the minimum of cost. The amount i made here produced 5 jam jars, so make sure you have friends to share it with x

3 or 4 Apples (windfall or neighbours freebies - the friend i got mine from will receive a jar of jam as 'thankyou', of course)
Hedgerow Fruits: Blackberries, Elderberries and Blackcurrants from my freezer. Don't let your daughter (or Son) be in charge of the scrumping container - when you turn round you will find all fruits have been eaten (!)
Altogether i used about 800g fruit - just so you have an idea of quantities. You will need sugar also - but the quantity depends on the yield... i will explain as you read on!
I use Tate & Lyle JAM SUGAR with added pectin.
I use a lemon for this recipe too.

Wash all the fruits - peel / de-core / remove stalks and chop finely. Then all the fruits go into a large Jam Pan / Saucepan. Add the juice and pips and rind (if you want) of 1 lemon.
Once they are in the pan, cover the fruit with water. You want the water to cover all the fruits 'just'. Simmer this lot for 1 hour - enough time to wash up / clean up / play with children?

Then you have this amazing purple pulp. I have a large metal sieve and i bought a pack of muslins from LAKELAND. I have a recipe that tells me to "strain fruit overnight".... i found this totally un-necceassry. In a muslin and sieve it took no time at all (30 mins top?)
It is an idea to strain it all into a DEEP wide necked measuring jug, if you have one - as you will now need to know how much fruit liquid you have.
Unfortunatley - discard the pulp :( it ain't worth it (as MrsB says in her post)

The MATHS: 400g of Jam Sugar for every 600ml of liquid. I found i had 1,200ml from my 800g fruits so i used 800g Jam Sugar.
Simmer all the liquid with this sugar till it is all dissolved.
We are ready to BOIL! (gulp)
Now - i do use a Jam thermometer. ManFish purchased this for making toffee lat Christmas and it is really useful. I also use a purpose Jam spoon - see below>>> they both have 'hooks' on the back to prevent them from falling into the huge Jam Pan. You might want to invest in these if you preserve alot? Tis up to you x

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble!!
I literally boil away until the temperature hits the "JAM" line (over 100c)
Maybe 10-15mins.
Often, a 'scum' will appear on top. I like the relaxing process of standing over the jam and scraping off this scum layer. You don't have to but, it makes the jam more attractive.
The jam will become a stunning purple black colour... and the smell? Divine x
As said before: Jam Jars sterilized in a hot-ish oven. Lids popped into a bowl of boiling water.
I use a Jam funnel to pour into the jars to stop it spilling everywhere (this is sticky stuff!)
Pop the lids on tight once the Jam is totally cooled.
I think i am allowed to say it: this tasted sooo good. And i loved how cheap it was to make. I only paid for the Jam Sugar and got 5 full jars from this recipe.
Keep it for up to 3months.
Once opened - keep in the fridge, no longer than a few weeks. x
Man, i love Jam making!!


That Crafty Fish! said...

sorry, do i sound a bit a Nigella? Actually, i'm not sorry! I am buxom, brunette, posh, and like my nosh!! haha xxx

nickynackynoo said...

THis looks lovely. I think I'll give it a go, maybe with rosehips too. Would that work? We have lots. And of course the piggies are bound make short work of the pulp...!

That Crafty Fish! said...

aww, Nicky - i want a pig!! (shipping you the pulp in the meantime) i think rosehips would work within the black fruit mix. What about with a hint of rose water too? (the culinary variety?) that would be so lush xxx

KL said...

Your bramble jelly looks fabulous. I could not be bothered with the straining step, though, so I think I'll stick to the jam!I find with home-made jam, no need to worry about using it "within a few weeks". I made apple and blackberry jam on Friday, opened the first jar on Saturday, and half of it is gone already!