Monday, 8 March 2010

Food for Friendship... *warning: this post contains Grief*

Hello MrsB *waves*
This is my better half, sat in Carluccios Manchester. Meeting up with FRIENDS for Afternoon Tea / Late lunch / Hot Chocolate, who knows what else. I find a lump in my throat, when i say - i have barely cooked a thing for the past few weeks.
My daughter commented "we haven't seen the Greengrocer Lady for a while"... i suppose because we haven't needed any fresh food.

I feel griefstricken when i think that, all my cooking efforts (it hasn't been an 'effort' but a delight) of these early weeks in 2010, have involved my Nanna.
The Lemon Cheese.... The Marmalade.... The Lemon Drizzle Cake... The place where she sat when i cooked a Birthday Dinner for my dad.... who knew i would miss her this much?
I was making her Chicken Soup, that never made that journey. My food comforted her but i couldn't sustain her.
I think our regular BIG STOVE readers, will giggle with me when they know: the last thing my Nanna ate was my Lemon Drizzle Cake... and we had a big plate of it served served at her 'parade party' (as my daughter beautifully named the Wake)

I didn't cook for a while after her leaving me :(
And then i went to stay with my friend, who met me at her door with ribbons and cupcakes. We met with other friends for food and chatting and later we made a big curry dinner together. It sort of broke the Grief Spell.
I think i can cook again now, but i might have to leave the Lemon Drizzle Cake to one side for a little while yet xxx


LissyLou said...

Beautiful post (())

Mrs B said...

quite right! Just beautiful! x

The Rainbow Room said...

aahh you brought a tear to my eye : ( *hugs*
So sorry to hear about your Nanna!
Grief takes it time to turn from sadness to smiles of rememberence. My mum taught me to make lemon cake and I smile and remember her whenever I get a sniff of it!

Menopausal musing said...

You will always associate those foods with your Nana and that is lovely.... I loved your daughter's description of the wake and thought it beautiful. I am glad you made it to Mrs B's, it will have been a comfort I am sure.

Taz said...

((((Big hugs)))) because big love leaves a big hole in your heart.

Victoria said...

so sad. Hoping that, with time, the lemon drizzle cake will bring you comfort and happy memories.

PaperFish! said...

you are all so lovely - thankyou!

SallyF said...

Things take time, there's no hurry, and I'm glad your mojo is rising again, even if your flapjack didn't quite turn out... strangely and ironically, hand stitching felt has the same effect on me... somethings never really go away and I'm glad the carluccios girls helped in some small way xxx