Monday, 15 March 2010

Spanish Omlette by Senora B!

Mr B informed me today that it has been nine years since we, young, footloose and fancy free, hot footed it around Morocco and the Med, on trains, planes and automobiles....well mainly on Shanks' Pony!Some of the things that we ate on our travels, remain close to our hearts and tummies - shared memories!One of these wonderful things was Tortilla Espanola - Spanish Omlette. We ate it for breakfast, it was sold on train buffet cars in a hunk of crusty bread, with mayonnaise (inexplicably named a Bikini?!) and of course as one of the ubiquitous tapas...perfect beer food!

So of course, once back in Ole Blighty, I went about trying to recreate it, time and time again, to no avail! It just never even came close. Until that is, I happened upon a lovely Spanish (important!!) girls directions! I have made it this way ever since! It tastes exactly as it should and even a little better than most that is served up in the Tapas places along the high street (if I do say so myself...hee hee!)

I serve it up for picnics, summer lunches, it is great, cheap party food and goes a long way. Delicious! I have found my own way of cooking it, that has taken the hassle right out of the whole procedure! So here, in prep for the sunny weather and hopes for our own homegrown "Med" dinners, is Senora B's version of Tortilla Espanola!

Ingredients (serves 6 as a lunch)

1kg bag of waxy potatoes (use all, two thirds, half....according to how you like it...I tend to use all)
5 - 6 eggs
1 tsp of salt
3 tbls of olive oil
1 large white onionSlice the potatoes (leaving the skins on, much better for you and keeps your potato slices nice and solid) into 1cm thick rounds, half and slice up the onion. Into a large pan with a lid, glug in the oil, chuck in your salt (the salt is key to authentic flavour)! It seems a lot I know....I balk everytime, but you will be draining it off later and the oil adds flavour and prevents sticking! In go onions and potatoes. Coat in oil, then turn down the heat to low, put the lid on and allow everything to slow cook, checking every so often to ensure it isn't sticking and welding itself to your lovely pan! When a slice of potato will squish under your spoon, take off the heat and drain everything in a colander. Now whisk up your eggs. This is the point at which Senora B takes a sharp left hand turn away from convention! You can pour your eggs in, with spuds and onion and cook base on stove top and then finish in the oven....if you have a fabby pan, with good dimensions, small enough to make your omlette nice and thick (in my experience and opinion it should be at the very least be 4cm deep)! I don't. So I take this simply perfect detour! Take a cake tin (23cm?) in go the potatoes, onions and eggs! Cook in a moderate oven! Cook till golden! De nada!

I have a springform tin so I can pop it out and cut into cubes for picnic and wedges for lunches!

Easy peasy! If you closed your eyes, you could be at the bar, drinking cerveza and munching tapas, while the Med heat makes your soul smile!



Taz said...

Oh what a brilliant idea with the cake tin. I love spanish omlette and if I can find 5 other people who do too I'll be making this. Or I could half the size of the ingredients I suppose :)

Mrs B said...

Or make it and use it for your packed lunch??

Suzie said...

Yum yum Yum - Sounds great! I'm definately going to be giving this a go! :)

PaperFish! said...

ooooohhhh, you inspire me....