Friday, 12 February 2010

A Little Love Bun For You...x

Valentine's it...hate it? For what its worth...

I love Valentine's. I love that there is a "festival" day in these bleak last days of winter. I love an excuse to cook a smidgen, to bake a dash, to treat those I love with a little pinch of sweetness. So melt some chocolate and spread a little bakey your man, woman, children, lovely friends, neighbours! It is a good, good thing to be tell folk you love them!

Now the chocolate cupcakes I made were from a recipe from "Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery". They were absolutely gorgeous, light, moist....x However there was much of this....
and egg white beating and the use of the above spoons for the random 3/4 tsp measurements. It was complicated....worth it...but complicated! So here for your sanity and enjoyment is my traybake recipe that works unfailingly and is light, delicious and importantly fast! If you have someone to spoil though, go with the Primrose Bakery will be adored!

Mrs B's TrayBake to Cupcake Recipe...

4oz soft margarine
4oz caster sugar
5oz self-raising flour
1tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1 tbsp milk
A few drops of Pure Vanilla Extract

If you want to make it chocolatey, replace a tbls of flour with a tbls of good quality cocoa.

Delicious...either recipe!
Traybake always works, Primrose Bakery of course work a treat!
Now the fun begins! Anything heart shaped, glittery, pretty, your love! I used chocolate buttercream, edible glitter and little heart dragees!
Then make a cup of tea, draw breath, scribble, dream....with a freshly cooked chocolate cupcake. A little bakey love to you! x

Chocolate Buttercream

175g 70% good quality chocolate
225g butter
1 tbls milk
250g icing sugar

Melt the chocolate. Beat the milk, butter and icing sugar together (this is easier and less time consuming with an electric hand whisk). Then add the melted chocolate and continue to beat until you have a thick, spreadable, glossy consistency. If still too runny etc just keep beating. It will improve in consistency and thickness the longer you whisk it....hence an electric whisk (it will be soooooo worth it!)Happy Valentines Lovely Folk!



Menopausal musing said...

That's it Mrs B: I am going to have to get my coat on and source some edible glitter......... :O)))

Mrs B said...

Click edible glitter it's a hyperlink!! It will take you straight there with no need to get a coat on! How good am I?! x

Devon said...

love love love those measering spoons! great post! im enjoing my edible glitter very much! will have to do a post with some very soon! xxx

PaperFish! said...

awwww, this is why i nedd you in my life. xxx

Mrs B said...

I love you, lovely friends!

Hmmmmmmmm cupcakes!

Edible glitter completes me!.....

(am I shallow....or a bit simple....or spot on!)