Tuesday, 9 February 2010

MMmmm It's all about CHAI right now!

This is a sight that warms my Mothering Soul: a vintage Peter Rabbit mug filled with sweet warm Chai. And a Jammy Heart shortbread biscuit to dunk. It's ALL about the Chai for me right now.
Strangely enough, i hate sweet milky tea so it is with amazement that i have made, drunk and will talk about this at all. But Chai has this effect....
This Chai recipe, as far as i can tell, is very American. Of course, Chai means 'Tea'. And this method of making / drinking 'Chai' is a highly overcomplicated 'messing around' with our Nations Greatest Love - The humble cup of tea....
I know, it doesn't need messing with. It is already perfect, however you take it. However YOU make it. It is perfect. But this is perfect in it's own unique way too.

A simple jar filled with a can of Condensed Milk (forgive me for buying Nestle? i was blinded by the task of "must buy condensed milk" and temporarily forgot my scruples)
Now: add want you like.... I added:
2 teaspoons of All Spice
2 Star Anise
2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence
1 broken Cinnamon Stick
Grated Nutmeg
(add extra sugar at this stage if you like sweet tea)
And this lot sits in the jar, in the fridge, waiting to be used whenever you want. No need for milk or sugar - perfect for when you need a morning cuppa and no-one remembered to buy milk!
You can add however many spoonfuls you want to make your perfect beverage. I use one small spoon as i want my tea strong and not too sweet or milky.
This is best served with a really good quality strong tea - i use Assam.
I make it with loose leaf tea in my little pot. If, like me, you love tea then you might really like how the subtle chai flavours mix with the flavour of the fresh Assam (It makes me want a cup right now)
Once i have used this 'One Pot' teapot i fill it again with hot water and leave it to steep ready for my second cup.
It is strangely addictive and far more 'soothing' than my old cuppa.
I am sure the addiction will pass - but right now.... it is ALL about the Chai x


Deepa said...

I was brought up on spiced indian tea (its strange to single it out as 'chai' because chai just means tea!) - my mum grinds her own spices and uses that when she brews tea.
I have a little pot of her secret blend at home!

PaperFish! said...

Yes, i didn't know what else i could call it as the US has dubbed it Chai? I am going to play with the idea of adding the spices to the actual leaf tea - my sister had it in India and adored it :)
I have no cultural claim to this!

fleur said...

that sounds amazing, ive been using store bought bags of Chai, but i am going to try this :)

PaperFish! said...

i thought i'd hate it.... how wrong could i be?

Mrs B said...

ooooooooh it is sooooooooooo yummy! just the thing on a cold afternoon! x

Mrs B said...

PS j'adore little mooshie teapot! Cu-u-u-te

Suzie said...

Yes, I am loving Chai as well at the moment. Also just using the bags (Twinnings) but I've been meaning to try the condensed milk version as it sounds lovely. I fell in love with Chai when I was in India - the wee tea boys that run up and down the train carriages shouting "Chai Chai" sold the best Chai, for a couple of pence - brilliant!

meplusmolly said...

I have a challenge for you scrum-dilly-umtious ladies, what can you serve someone (ie me) who does not drink tea or coffee?? (don't like the taste!) ahahahahah........????? ;0 X

PaperFish! said...

oooh - let the challenge commence!
i have some great hot and cold beverage recipes... MRSB???

Two Truly Scrumptious Ladies said...

arrrrrrrrr yes, well I was going to suggest my latest waitrose find!! Summerdown english Mint Tea....amazing! Uplifting fresh, pretty aqua coloured packaging and apparently you can buy chocolate flavoured with their ressurected old english mint variety! (www.summerdownmint.com)


(I'll send you a couple of bags lovely Kirsty 2....Kirsty 1, what did you think of it?!)