Saturday, 6 February 2010

Marmalade 2 - the revisit....

Batch no.2.
After research, discussion, tips from here :) i made a second batch of Marmalde. Please don't make the assumption that i *think* about anything before i go ahead and try it - the Marmalade being a prime example.... so i tried a completely different method. This is alot cleaner and clearer than before. Sunshiney and bright with some peel included and the odd Star Anise in each jar. The little black specs are vanilla pod seeds....
I boiled up about 7 Seville Oranges and 1 normal in a big ole chutney pan.
Covered the fruit with about 2 litres of water and simmer for 1.5 hours or there-on.
I ADDED to the water, with the fruit, before boiling:
1 Vanilla Pod
A large cube chopped ginger
3 Star Anise
1 Broken Cinnamon Stick
10 - 15 Cloves

Then - i strained the liquid and only put the items BACK into the mix, that i wanted to keep, so:
Scraped out flesh of the oranges to put back in.
Chopped some peel - so nice and soft now they had been boiled and placed back in the pan.
Star Anise back in the pan.

It was a quicker and easier method by far and retained so much of the flavour of my little extras - especially the vanilla. I was scared the soft vanilla taste would get drowned in Seville Orange bittreness but it warms through sensationally.
All the liquid was then boiled up for 20 mins or so? i kept a Jam thermometer in the pan to check. I boiled it up with 1kg of sugar - granulated, as the added pectin in Jam Sugar was uneneccasry for these fruits.
TASTE - done
LOOK - happy with
CONSISTENCY - still a little runny and more sugar would have helped make this thicker but i didn't want the flavour any sweeter.
Friends and family decided they could live with the runnier consistency as opposed to a wobbly jelly type. I caught someone spooning the stuff into their mouth direct from the fridge... i think that was a seal of approval?
Thanks for all your help peoples xxx


Victoria said...

ooohhhhh, yummy!
Glad you tried this method - easier by far, isn't it?

Mrs B said...

oh it looks beautiful! We are all in a citrussy breakfast haze!! i love how it is such a short season, right in the most miserable month of the year and then it brings a little sunshine to the breakfast table! A gift! Thanks Spain!!! x